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Our Products

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[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Smart E Police” iconbox_content=”Smart E Police is a 5-star product running live on Playstore and ranked 1 in the list of Police application applications.” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21682″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Traction for Restaurants” iconbox_content=”Traction is a trusted product running live in 120 restaurants and facilitated over 100,000 orders. The Food and Beverage Industry” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21683″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Master Handyman Pro” iconbox_content=”Master Handy Man mobile application for android and apple with Web Dashboard caters to each and every need of a service” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21684″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Multiple Ecommerce Portals” iconbox_content=”We have developed multiple commerce portals so far. All our portals supporting multiple languages including Arabic, English,” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21686″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Zamkan App” iconbox_content=”World’s Best Custom Service and maintenance App and website with the extra feature of inbuilt eCommerce.” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21687″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Dog Drop” iconbox_content=”Advance Dog Management System which caters to each and every need of a Dog Center. Enjoy a Dog care management solution” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21688″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”GAME X – Gaming Chat App” iconbox_content=”Game X is one of the high-value product that our company is developing. The client is the Legend himself – BONO, Paul Hewson” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21689″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”AIMS” iconbox_content=”(AIMS) Advance E-learning Institute management system which caters each and every need of an institute related to online education,” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21691″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Knotty Dating App” iconbox_content=”Knotty Dating App is an unique app that comes with many unique features inclusive of restaurants availability and suggestions” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21692″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Real Estate CRM and Mobile Application” iconbox_content=”DiginixAi’s Real Estate CRM and Mobile Application connect every customer data in one place to help you manage and sell” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21811″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”iFirsh – Request for Quotations” iconbox_content=”iFirsh is an On-Demand Quotations app that allows buyers to create requests for quotations of products and services,” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21827″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Ideal Fix” iconbox_content=”Now with the Ideal Fix, you can enjoy on-home services that make things easier for everyday living. With this app, you can…” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21831″]
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Artificial Intelligence Service Projects

[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Large scale IoT streaming data analysis system” iconbox_content=”Our client used data from wifi access points to supply real-world business owners with analyzed data about their visitors,” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21693″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Sales chatbot for an insurance company” iconbox_content=”One of the largest insurance companies in Georgia, despite a strong presence in the offline market, was struggling in the” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21694″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Identifying important entities in news articles” iconbox_content=”One of the leading providers of news and intelligence specifically for the global stock markets.” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21695″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Predicting the popularity of social media posts” iconbox_content=”US-based startup building a social networking site. In order to predict how popular a post created on the client’s platform” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21697″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Extracting merchant names from bank transaction records” iconbox_content=”Financial transaction records contain transaction descriptions, which encodes some information in it including merchant location,” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21698″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Food regulatory compliance check platform” iconbox_content=”C-Labs SA is an Industry 4.0 startup located in Switzerland, developing solutions for transforming food regulatory compliance.” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21699″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Car properties and damage recognition for an insurance company” iconbox_content=”The project was implemented for one of the largest insurance companies in Georgia. The final goal of the project was automatization” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21701″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”NSFW content detection in images and video streams” iconbox_content=”Social networking startup based in Silicon Valley had a rapid increase in their number of users and they encountered unwanted” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21702″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Content-Based Image Retrieval” iconbox_content=”An alcoholic beverage industry company wanted to implement new innovative channels of selling its products all over the world.” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21703″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Person/Object tracking in a video stream” iconbox_content=”The client wanted to improve its security system. On-premise CCTV video stream as an input in the API.” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21704″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Enhancing photo/video quality using Deep Learning” iconbox_content=”US-based startup building a social networking site. The goal of the project was to increase photo/video” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21705″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Create Bitmoji from profile pictures” iconbox_content=”US-based startup building a social networking site. The goal of our experiment was to create a solution that generates bitmoji” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21706″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Real-time face filter” iconbox_content=”Social networking startup from the US. They were building a photo/video sharing app that had more than a half-million” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21708″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Georgian OCR (Open source project)” iconbox_content=”We have created Georgian OCR as an open-source project. Our model was trained on more than one million samples of synthetic” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21709″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Car and real estate price prediction (experimental)” iconbox_content=”The goal of our project was to create a price prediction system that suggests a price to users, who post cars or real estate on” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21710″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Scene based adaptive encoding” iconbox_content=”Startup in the video streaming industry needed scene based adaptive encoding. The company needed near real-time automatic” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21713″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Recommender system for restaurant menu app” iconbox_content=”The project was implemented for a startup based in the US, which was building a mobile app for personalized restaurant menu” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21714″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Billing risks evaluation” iconbox_content=”The project was implemented for an international energy company based in Germany. The client owns a large power transmission” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21715″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Predicting the power consumption” iconbox_content=”Germany’s one of the largest power supply company with its own infrastructure and electrical power distribution network.” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21716″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”BigData engineering pipeline for data ingestion” iconbox_content=”Genetic testing and rare disease detection and analysis company based in Germany. The client has on-premises storage infrastructure” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21717″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Customer data analysis using NLP techniques” iconbox_content=”The project goal was customer textual data analysis for the large international corporation based in the US. The client has on-premises” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21718″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”AI for HR analytics” iconbox_content=”The project goal was customer textual data analysis for the large international corporation based in the US.” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21720″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Customer data analysis using NLP techniques” iconbox_content=”The project goal was customer textual data analysis for the large international corporation based in the US.” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21721″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Social network data analysis” iconbox_content=”UK based customer, working on large scale data analysis shared in social networks. The project aims to collect and analyze” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21722″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Extraction and analysis of the Non-Profit organization data using BigData engineering and data collection tools” iconbox_content=”The project was implemented for the startup based in the US.” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”#” icon_image=”21723″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Entertainment Data Analysis” iconbox_content=”The project was implemented for the Inflight entertainment provider company based in the US.” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21724″]
[iconbox type=”10″ icon_title=”Visual information analysis for health condition tracking” iconbox_content=”Developer and supplier of sport and health IoT devices for tracking different health conditions of their users. Company” icon_link_text=”Read More” icon_link_url=”” icon_image=”21725″]