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Automotive Software Development Services

A Better Logic provides automotive software solutions which help to design and provides high quality engaging and smoothed-out client-driven car programming to all company. Our high in-depth knowledge benefit on work on the most recent advances, including IoT, AR/VR, ML/AI, and Blockchain to convey interesting, result-situated, and redid Automotive IT Services to clients across the globe

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Automotive Software Development Services

The automobile industry has been on the front line of technical evolution in which a surge in demand has been witnessed the need for interactive platforms.

In the specially for automobile enthusiasts and consumers in general.

A Better Logic is a top-notch company when it comes to next-generation automobile app development. Our company possesses various high expertise in automotive software solutions.

Our innovation has been producing state of the art arrangements including Driver-conduct based application, engine regulator ECU stage, prepared to-send BCM arrangements, board support bundles, OTA update arrangements and then some.

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Automotive Software Development Services

Automotive Software Development
Being a top-notch automative software development company we deliver end-to-end services related to your software projects for in-vehicle systems also we’ve been developing complex data platforms for autonomous driving ecosystem overall.
Testing & Maintenance
Our testing method which comprises on fully complies with industry standards and is never compromised. We test each and every way whether code or setting, in which it’s a simulated environment, on real hardware, or in the field using real cars in which we also increase the quality of software in shorten period of the development lifecycle in which we implement cloud-based DevOps, which allows for automated testing and continuous delivery.
DevOps & Cloud-Based Development
We apply our DevOps way to deal with improvement to assist car organizations with benefiting from high-performing cloud conditions and also we can guarantee versatility, persistent improvement, and more prominent productivity for car programming by utilizing Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, and other cloud administrations.
UI/UX Design
Our driver-centric way to deal with planning and furthermore frameworks that are utilized by a large number of drivers has brought about what Top Gear calls “surprisingly peaceful route programming.” We direct cautious client exploration to streamline all parts of the driving experience for each client. Our objective is to abbreviate driver reaction times, further develop human-vehicle connections, and increase the client experience with portable elements.
Data Processing Apps
A Better Logic have highly skillful expertise into building large amount information handling and processing for an automotive company. We well know how to create a large amount of in-vehicle information, sensor data and ongoing traffic information. Our information perception ability permits us to make significant investigation dashboards for quicker independent direction.
AI Based Software Development
We use machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) services to build in-vehicle intelligence, provide smart routing, enable object and pedestrian recognition, and reinforce predictive decision-making We adopted ML and AI ensures better environmental predictions, resulting in safer connected and autonomous vehicles.
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