Smart E Police


Smart E Police

Smart E Police is a 5-star product running live on Playstore and ranked 1 in the list of Police application applications. It is one of the projects, we have learned a lot during the venture. ABL grows with every project in hand and improves our own system for further relentless execution and timely delivery of quality products.

About this project


Diginix AI got an opportunity to work with the Government of India, State UP to develop an autonomous platform for UP Police. A 3 years project which included a complete study and understanding of the Police force system of India and includes end to end digitalization of the policing system.

The product comprising over 60 applications in a single platform shall not be mistaken as a single application running on Google and Apple store, but it is a complete Police Force Ecosystem and a world-class product beating the rankings of some prominent police applications in playstore rankings. Find it yourself. Our product speaks for itself.


Diginix AI is a process-driven organization with Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Leaders running the company. We believe if the process is right and followed with accuracy, none can stop operational excellence with relentless execution. We are not only a development company but also technical consultants, our quotations has a section for free consulting of the product developed by us per week. We believe that the product developed by us should live with running a successful business. We follow a simple process of execution, where the first step is to brief research about the project and a conference call with the client to understand the exact requirements. We pitch various new ideas and upgrades to clients during this meeting.

Once the requirements are clear and finalized, we prepare a quotation for the client followed by the second conference call to cross-check each and every point related to the project.

Once the quotation is finalized, we prepare the contract for the client and send it for submission.

Contract signature is followed by the Purchase order from the client. Where we sign and acknowledge the same. We offer weekly review meetings to the client as per our given milestones for the project and quick means of support by our support id. We believe that the success behind any quality product is the excellent process and dedicated team working on the same.


We did the live testing of the product for 45 days in the world’s largest fest “Kumbh Mela 2019”, where we facilitated over 30 million people gathered at the same location.

Our system was responsible for deploying the police force automatically after understanding the requirements of the area and reading different factors about the policemen, like weight, height, body, experience, position etc. 10 hours of manual deployment was reduced to 2 hours by our force deployment system. We have received many national-level awards for the same by the government.


The product needed 3 years of rigorous work in collaboration with different police departments. The product development required the highest level of security as it was directly related to the state of Uttar Pradesh police. It is the best police platform that has abundant features, superb quality, and highly secured. Our highly capable development team discussed every step needed by the government and made a high-class product running across the state.

Design & Development:

High-level government officials were involved in the project from day one. Day to day communication with the Senior Superintendent of Police and District Collector was a routine for our team. Once we understood the system, we proposed the project and design.

The design was approved by the government after few revisions. The police ecosystem comprises 60 different applications which mean 60 different running features working collaboratively in a single environment and sharing the same interface.

Our project development team comprises 10 developers working full time on the product with our founders communicating directly with the government official on daily basis.

It took us 8 months to complete the project and pilot it successfully in Kumbh Mela 2019.

Quality Assurance:

Delivering quality products is one of our value stones in the company. Diginix AI being a process-driven company can never go wrong in product delivery and development. Our founders specially channelize their energy on product quality and the following processes.

Quality assurance is a halfway ticket to be a trusted company in any field. Our Testing team checked the health of the Smart E Police Ecosystem, all errors, bugs, connectivity to the servers, the loading time of the application, support system, and all the features of 60 different applications inside the same. After checking each and every functionality, we got the product checked by the client and provided training to every police officer in the state. Later we conducted a live test of the product in Kumbh Mela 2019, facilitating over 30 million people.