Award for Top Ranking Police & Emergency services projects in India

Award for Top Ranking Police & Emergency services projects in India
The state of Uttar Pradesh, the largest state in terms of population with roughly 200 million inhabitants has been recently awarded the prestigious FICCI Smart Policing Award 2019 for excellence in the management of Police and Emergency services with the help of artificial intelligence and IT solutions. ABL had been a crucial contributor to the Uttar Pradesh government helping them achieve this brilliant feat in human resource management and police and emergency services projects with unique IT solutions along with providing a better platform in the shape of online applications that could be utilized by the police departments to keep an eye on emergency services and maintain communal harmony in the state. Uttar Pradesh police being so innovative and smart uses different online platforms and smart IT solutions to counter the huge task of Human Resource Management and Police during the mega-events such as KUMBH 2019 were more than 14 crore people along with various VVIP’s visited the state and during events which could have lead to communal violence by the imminent help of modern age warriors like A Better Logic. Hence, ABL has been awarded and applauded for their smart vision and help to the Uttar Pradesh government and Police. Time and again, ABL have shown that giving back to society is a continuous practice and it will always be there with their smart vision and unique progressive approach.
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