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Take your business to the Next Level with ONDC

Take your business to the Next Level with ONDC

Anyone can own business.

Once you fill out the required forms, get the necessary permits, offer a legitimate service or product, and advertise it a bit, it simply means you own a business.

While on the other hand running a successful business is a whole new story. Several factors affect the growth of the business, can be anything ranging from quality of service to behavior of salespersons.

Let’s face the truth. Scaling your business is a tough job. It takes significant effort.

Your business can be everywhere

The biggest challenge is perhaps to attract customers to your services. You have to convince them to spend their money on your products and to keep on buying more. And that is how your business will expand.

It is sensible to think that restaurants are always present at the market areas while Kirana stores are more close to residential areas. The area you locate your business in plays a major role in evaluating the number of customers you might engage because you need to be familiar with the type of customers near your area and their needs.

Here’s an interesting question -What would be your income, if your store was everywhere? …..literally everywhere.

It would be ten times more than what you currently earn.

This might sound crazy but there is a possibility that your store can be everywhere. Read further, we will be talking about it.

Extra Work

In the beginning, it is playing many roles together. Owning a business means you are the chief executive, the marketing head as well as the salesperson. You have to interact with not only customers but also with your suppliers, partners, and at times your competitors. And much more. At the end of the day, you are not just selling, you are managing, persuading, and negotiating all along. It takes a toll on you from doing all the ‘Extra work’. You feel constrained because without doing the ‘Extra work’ you cannot do your main work, that is, earning. Also, if you don’t do the ‘extra work’ correctly, your business will have a downfall.

In conclusion, there is no sure-shot formula for succeeding at business but there are unexplored opportunities that can boost your business’s growth. It is like Aladdin’s Genie waiting in the Chirag……


So we present to you Aladdin’s Genie, ONDC, the platform of massive opportunities. ONDC or Open Network for Digital Commerce is a technology launched by the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade of the Government of India in April to digitalize Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). It is a nonprofit initiative that seeks to abolish the dominance of big companies like Amazon and Walmart. It will also open a door for small and baby businesses to interact with larger and established companies. In simple words, it means that if your business is based in Rajasthan, you can sell the product in Karnataka without having to worry about delivery ( which will be the work of delivery partners like Dunzo, Delhivery, etc).

So if you own micro, small, or medium enterprises then this is the right opportunity to take your business to the next level.

How do you do it? The basic thing is you need to be on ONDC just like you need to rub Aladdin’s chirag to call the Genie. And we are exactly like Aladdin’s Chirag.

ABL tech is here to help you to establish your business on ONDC


We at Abetterlogic will help you to grow economically by registering your business on ONDC. Leave the extra work at ABL tech. Here’s how,

  1. Crafting the perfect listing to crush your competitors-We at ABL make sure that you remain ahead of your competitors. Your products will always be displayed in a way to persuade customers to buy them.
  2. Strategic keyword research for top rankings- You might be unfamiliar with keywords, so let’s understand it a bit. There may be lakhs of Krishna in the world, boys and girls both. But you end up finding the right Krishna on Facebook who studied with you in junior college.  This accurate search occurs due to strategic keywords. It helps the person to find the right thing without wasting time. We will create SEO to boost your traffic, sales, and reviews.
  3. The best title to gain traffic and conversion- Names are important as evident from human culture itself, we celebrate while naming the baby so that their names have good effects on them. The same is the case for baby businesses too. We will provide attractive titles so your orders keep increasing.
  1. Optimizing traffic and conversions- It might have happened to you that if you follow a beauty tips channel on any social media, you start receiving advertisements for beauty and makeup products, it happens when traffic is diverted to feed you items of your interest. So if you own a cutlery shop and a person is following food recipes on social media, we will make sure they see your advertisements. So now they will know how to cook food and how to display food in cutlery bought from you.
  1.  Advertisements- If you don’t tell people you own a shoe store, will they ever come to know? or will they ever buy from you? You know the answer is No. So telling people is important and to reach out to a bigger mass, you need to advertise your business. In this we will help you by creating Google ads and exhibiting your product on every social media site. We will also collaborate with influencers to launch your products and get your sales-driving.
  2. Optimizing price against rank and sales- We know what hard work it is to negotiate with customers over prices. So we will save you from this extra work by regulating the prices based on your ranking and sales. It will give you good profit while at the same time making the customers happy about the price so that they keep buying from you.

There is enormous potential for your business to speed up and grow and there’s more we can do for you. Just connect with us to know more.

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